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Monthly Archive: February 2018

Using Self Driving Cars

How to Travel Solo Using Self Drive Cars.

Travelling without a prejudiced mind is the best experience a traveler can have, and that
can be achieved only when you travel alone. If you have not travelled alone
yet, NOW is the time you should do it because it’s now or never. Heading for a
solo trip makes much more sense when you are driving alone. Whether you want to
drive slowly or swiftly, a self-drive car rental can be a great option if you
do not own one.Get rental company”s  die cut sticker  as a reminder. You do not have to wait forever to buy a car to explore the
world at its best. Nevertheless, you can never outshine the value of the
following tips given by the proficient single female travelers.






Advance research

Simply packing the bags and leaving for an exotic place may seem very exciting, but it
may invite several perils. Being a female, you can never underestimate the
value of planning and research. Take advice from someone who has travelled to
your target destination before, google the place, its culture, and call your
hotel to know everything you can before leaving your home.



Carry the basics

Solo travelers often like to travel light, but that should not mean that you skip
the basics thinking that you can buy them later once you check in the hotel.
Carry the first aid kit, basic toiletries according to your suitability, and
even some quantity of bottled water and canned food to be on the safer side in
case you get stuck.

Do not attract attention.

It is easy to attract the attention of the pickpockets when you do not know the place.
Just by looking at someone and observing their body language, the crooks may
know that you are new to the place. Do not keep your head dug in the local map;
you should look for all the places you want to visit when you are still in the
hotel. Make notes on your phone or paper if you want to. Similarly, avoid
wearing excessively revealing clothes in conservative places. It is better that
you study a little about the local norms and culture before you visit. Some
countries and states are exceptionally old-fashioned and do not spare the
travelers even if they commit a mistake with all their good intentions.

Routes and locations

If you are familiar with the routes and destinations even slightly, you can think about
renting a car. Self-drive cars are the best option when you love driving and do
not like the presence of a driver. It not only saves drivers’ fees but also
lets you drive and halt at your wish. You can never really stop and see the
richly-painted city walls when a driver or chauffer is driving your car. By the
time you think of stopping and asking your driver to halt the car, the precious
moment passes by.

solo can be one of a kind opportunity if you do overcome your hesitations.
However, it is important that you do not forget about your security. When you
come home safe, secure, and happy; the feeling of being on-top-of-the-world
will inhabit in your mind forever.

self driving car

Its Impacts on Economic System And Personal Life

First, the auto industry is very large, and many businesses are interlinked
with this industry. The immediate effect it will have will be unemployment for
millions of drivers. Do not think of only car drivers; there are other vehicles
including trucks, vans, etc. On the other hand, this technology will create
jobs simultaneously for many IT experts. The electronic and IT companies will have
a boost in their business. However, the structural movement of employment will
show positive signs after a lag of nearly five years when information will be
common about the changes in the demand for labor in the market.

It will affect the employment of the people that are related to the tourist
industry. People will use these vehicles to travel to any place they want.
Probably they will not need to acquire the services of the guide person. These
cars will be devised to obey the traffic laws, and movement will be restricted
according to law. Therefore, less traffic police persons will be required on
the roads in future. Many parents will get free from the restriction of driving
their children to and from home. This will expectedly increase the working hour,
and some housewives might enter the workforce to earn more for their family.
Users will have the option to take the driving time as leisure. It will be a
blessing for people who usually travel long distances; people do not have to
drive for four long hours and get tired. They can sleep during this time or do
something productive.


Driver less car seems to be a fascinating idea, but its usage can surely
make you upset sometimes. If you are a street racer or do not want to remain in
control of somebody than this could be the most annoying thing for you. This
car will control your movement. You cannot increase the speed when you want,
and you will be helpless. If you have an emergency and you have to make
shortcuts, there is no room for that. If you are getting late for office, and
an ambulance comes, your car will prefer it despite you are also getting late,
and you may be put down from your job by your boss. So you will be completely
controlled by a machine which is somehow not like human beings. Machines are
too facilitate the people. It might be perfect for the disables,disables, schoolchildren
and for long distances when driving is hectic. However, if you want to drive
freely, this is not the best option.