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Monthly Archive: August 2017

Traveling Is Only Pleasure And Fun

Today, traveling brings most of the fun, if you decide for one of the better so-called worldwide and easy to-get-there travel opportunities. Nothing is bothering anymore, the difficulty figuring out of your accommodations for your travel is over. You just pay for your flight, hotel, and food, and the travel agency will give you everything enjoyable and perfect, and not make you upset at all. Your personal, joyful experience with all the relaxation you can get, is what they want you to accomplish. The competition became already too strong and way too big. They also understand, that you as an individual normally don’t know a lot about traveling and how it all works, arranging all that. So everything from them is perfectly planned, and they just give you the ticket. You only have to know, how to get to the airport and how to put your seat belt on.


How do you now wisely choose your travel destination correctly so that you can get to the best place of your choice?

Best today you should already start, to walk around in your city and find some decent travel shops, where you can check from outside on their displays and find out, if it seems for you attractive enough, so you would like to arrange your travel with them. This is a significant step. Maybe I’m a bit picky, but for me is the decoration in a travel shop somehow essential. And so, first of all, I perform this short evaluation. I compare their used imagination for their display, with their possible ability to have (or not) some incredible travel offers available. I always make my travel arrangements only in a beautiful place, where I can feel the real thrill and can get spiny about Hawaii, Acapulco Mexico, or whatever my biggest dream might be. But I do not say “more expensive”! But in such a store you will much more easily find the destination you like, and all the needed arrangements fit just perfectly together, so as the price might be excellent as well.

Don’t hesitate or play around, with booking, buying or paying it the same day!

The best place and the most beautiful room at the right time are available right now, so why making the big mistake, with trying to book and pay it at a later time. It might not be available later anymore, and you can very feel bad, because of that. For an entire year, you might be stuck, not have gotten your most desired hotel room. You should talk a bit with your family already during the year, where they would like to go for a vacation, or whatever they like most. Then, one day you can surprise them all, with the present of having booked and paid for the special vacation destination of their dreams at one of the very best private tours in Turkey.


Especially a family trip needs some work and more attention. So please make sure, you arrange it all in a way, which works for all of you best.

Couples Traveling Tips
As time progresses, life paces up. There is always some work that must be taken care of or some responsibility or duty which keeps us busy all day, 24/7. These are the times when one looks forward to holidays and good old traveling. Taking a break is always refreshing. Now, it is fun going on a holiday with a friend or an interesting travel companion, but nothing makes it more special than going with your partner. Couples hardly get time together these days and holidays are a great way to make up for all that lost time. Leaving behind a grueling schedule, it allows them to focus on one another and bond over the trip.

Whether you are a couple living together or new in a relationship, holidays are always nice. Whether it comes to spending time without the worries of daily chores or getting more familiar with one another, holidays are the best! In fact, if you are together only recently, you will also get to check exactly how compatible you are with one another.

Now we all need to plan our holidays a bit to get the most of it. Here’s a small briefing on the things couples need to take care of before embarking on their vacation.

– You should be sure what the trip means to the both of you. Knowing each other’s points of view on the reason behind taking the vacation is probably a good idea, in case you are both expecting something the other does not. And I such a case, it is better to know the real motives beforehand.

– Money is often the cause of many disputes. Planning out a proper budget is an excellent idea. Each of you should decide how much you plan to spend and on exactly what all.

– Chalk out a plan. Of course, holidays do not turn out to be exactly how you expected them to, but having a basic idea of how you intend to spend your time is not exactly a bad idea.

– Sure you are here to bond, but giving each other enough space to do what the other wants is always welcome.

– Make sure you carry earplugs. If you are unfamiliar with your partner’s sleeping habits, this is a good precaution. You are sure to wake up fresh the next morning.

Traveling is a very personal thing. It is usually a time when we end up doing all those things we miss due to hectic work schedules. So before you plan out your trip make sure you talk about each other’s basic habits. While some of us prefer going out at night, others might need to go to sleep early. Many of us prefer plans while others like a little bit of adventure. Sights are seeing, soaking in the atmosphere of a place, tasting local food, all these are rather individual …

Marketing – Making a meal out of a mouthful

Giving a blog about business strategies for marketing could well be like gazing into the mouth of a great white shark. It really is a dog-eat-dog world out there, and you have to figure out strategies that will get you rising above the snapping jaws and into the hands of faithful consumers.


Beware! There are many pitfalls and part of your strategy is to ensure how you successfully navigate around the minefield. Everybody is planning how to effectively get their message out, starting from marketing 101 where the golden rule is to make people aware of your product and services in the most innovative ways, being aware of the 10 second attention span that exists in the marketplace.

Have a very clear identification of who your target market, or demographic, is. This will dictate how you proceed. Define what your methodologies are in reaching that market. Always remember, don’t belittle or, when trying to be humorous, make the joke that everyone will get in three seconds but you’ve spun it out to five minutes.

media-marketingNever assume anything. Just because you’ve heard a certain demographic has certain ideologies, don’t just plunge in. Conduct surveys. Make sure that what you are planning in your strategy is spot on and will ring true. Don’t try and be too clever. If people have to look up words on Google, you’ve lost them already. Also, if they’re watching a television ad and find it fun (for the first time), but five minutes later can’t remember what was being pitched, then again, you’ve lost it.

Speaking of television strategies for marketing, and if you have the budget, don’t run one ad endlessly. I know of one commercial that was great for the first couple of
times, but six months later I switch channels when it comes on. You’ve paid for the airtime, now get to use it effectively. You should be looking at forming strategic alliances with other entities that can help you get moving. Find companies that have a similar demographic profile reach and see if you can help each other. If you can market each other’s services, great. You may well find that in this climate, two is better than one!

If your demographics overlap, don’t use the same strategies that you’ve used for the first target group. People can be similar in many ways, but millennials think
differently to boomers and the same messages are not going to apply to both. The same naturally applies to different genders. Women and men are rarely from
the same planet. Remember this when planning your strategies. What may make a woman go `wow!` may well make a man chuck a flyer out the car window (careful…you could well risk a fine for littering) in disgust. When it comes to appealing to the senses, heart and head, because that where we’re aiming, great minds also seldom think alike. You may assume they do, but remember the golden rule – never assume! Use Blue Bee Printing to make sure you find new clients. If this is true (and it is, believe me) then realize that there are target groups within target groups within target groups for the same demographic. People seldom get this and the shotgun approach to this demographic goes horribly wrong.

The point is, do your homework, do it again and have it checked and verified independently. Only when you have identified all the sub-groups, can you start planning what you are going to pitch and to whom. Everyone leaps onto social media these days, and for good reason. We have the means of your campaign going viral – oh the temptation! I urge you to be wary. Very few efforts ever make that grade, and you could have the humiliation of ten hits if you’re lucky and a failed social media campaign.

megaphoneFrom age four onwards, everyone’s aware of twitter and Facebook, and everything else, so don’t make out as if it’s the new `in` thing, tweeting until you’re blue in the face, and placing sponsored ads on Facebook ad infinitum as if everyone is going to leap onto your bandwagon just because it’s there. You may well be alienating the very people that you’re trying to reach. Use your social media time wisely – and for Pete’s sake, give people a hook they can hang onto whatever you’re using. Remember, the faithful old jingle? It has seen many a campaign rise above the stratosphere and get locked into the brain of young and old for many years. So, my advice, find a good jingle writer and see if you’re humming that jingle on the subway home. If you are, could well be you have a major hit on your hands.

So, the hooks and crooks of planning business strategies for marketing really rest basically on common sense. Unfortunately, in much of today’s world that seems
to be a commodity that is sorely lacking. Get as much feedback from your demographic as possible, on a continuous basis, and you’ll find out if you’re headed north or south. The cardinal rule is this, and listen wisely – don’t leave any loose ends. They’ll trip you up, that you can be assured of!